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Shipibo conibo Master


Master Shipibo Konibo with ancestral lineage and wisdom from the Amazon Loreto sector, Peru. Born in Iquitos. He currently resides in Atalaya - Ucayali.


Pablo Bardales has a 35-year history serving medicine throughout Peru and countries such as; Panama, Mexico (Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Yelapa) Colombia and Costa Rica. Perform treatments with Medicinal Plants to treat diseases such as Cancer, tumors, gastritis, diabetes, arthritis, among others. He also works treating addictions, anxiety, depression and treatments for growth and expansion in the spiritual realm.


When he was just a teenager, Pablo Bardales felt the call of the plant through his lineage, he followed his own path of learning with Ayahuasca, accompanied by the ancient Shipibo Konibo masters of his community, entering the Peruvian jungle and following the instructions for his first diet in isolation. ​


Now 45 years old, Pablo is an experienced teacher who has a tremendous capacity for empathy. When he sings for you, you feel his song in your heart and you feel his unmistakable love, and there is a deep sense that there is a Master here who knows exactly how you feel. Pablo has a fine and sophisticated way of practicing his knowledge of medicine, and a deep focus and dedication to helping each person under his care.

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