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"All valley medicines in just one place"


Abaut us

The mind is the decisive factor
in the transformation process.

Over the years we have been able to verify that millions of people in the world suffer, carry wounds from the womb, their childhood, their youth or their mature age, which they do not let go of, they are prisoners of pain; it is there where the body explodes, diseases come from which only deal with the consequence, the symptom, but not the origin. This is how KHUYAY CENTER was born, a space where you will find the information of each "Healer" and the medicines or therapies that are carried out in the Sacred Valley, you can contact him directly and without intermediaries, since they are totally recommended by us, due to the seriousness of their service, and for being service healers, giving their medicine with much love.



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Sacred Valley - Pisac- Cusco - Perú  |  Tel: +51 952 459 117

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