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Healing master


Vilma Pinedo was born surrounded by the Apus, powerful guardian spirits of the mountains, in the city of Huasao, Cusco. The call to the path of healing came to her before she was born, when her mother was 4 months pregnant. One day walking through the mountains, she was struck by lightning that nearly killed them both. In the Andes, this is a very strong sign of initiation, and that is why her ayllu, her family, was always attentive to her development as a healer. Vilma grew up surrounded by her grandparents and grandmothers, who from a young age taught her the tradition and rituals for healing and energy management. From the age of 12 he already helped the elderly in their cures. and he read the coca leaf to understand what was happening to people, and he used his intuition to tell them how to heal. ​


His ancestors are recognized healers, including his father Martín Pinedo, his mother María Sanchez, his great-uncle Benito (Qorihuaman); and his great-grandfather Melchor Deza. ​


As a young man, he studied different careers at the university and learned languages, which allowed him to understand the western mentality and the modern world.


Currently Vilma is completely dedicated to the work of healing people, families, relationships and businesses. He works with different energies and multiple techniques taught by his ancestors, such as the handling of offerings, plants and energetic rituals of the Andes. Always emphasizing that above all she works with people's faith and that they are the ones who tell her what they need. Vilma has a special connection with the apus, the guardian spirits of her land and her people.


Among them the great Apu Pachatusan, the Apu Manuel Pinta and the Apu Wiracochan. They speak to her and guide her in her work, for which she is considered a mediator for the elders who still live in the mountains. "They are spirits that you cannot see, but they do see you and take care of you," he always says. ​


Vilma has a dedication to her family to ways of healing and being in a balanced relationship with all life. She has been called to accompany the Dalai Lama on his visit to Cusco and uses her gift as a tool for healing, peace and unity.

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