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Lea has spent the last 12 years immersing in deep study with plants and various healing modalities, with a focus on integration and wholeness. Of these, B.E.S.T. , Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique as taught by the Morter Institute, is the most powerful modality she has encountered. It removes interference patterns from the brain from past instances of stress so the body’s innate healing systems can take over.  

The body is focussed on survival.  When we encounter traumatic or shocking events, or have persistent low level stresses, it does what it needs to survive.  These instances can trigger a fight or flight reaction, and when there is an overload can cause interruption and interference in the circuits of the brain.  While the body is an incredible machine that can heal itself, it does so only when it feels safe and isn’t focussed on keeping you alive.

B.E.S.T reconnects those circuits so the body can again begin to function optimally and heal itself.  Sessions bring balance and vitality to the body including the nervous, digestive, muscular, hormonal, and circulatory systems.  

This somatic modality goes below the level of story, working with the energetics of the system.  Because of this we can safely address any past event as directed by the body without having to revisit the trauma.

In addition to B.E.S.T.,  Lea offers Heart Imagery Meditation from the School of the Heart, Intuitive Human Design readings and classes, private and small group retreats, and holds space as an intuitive life guide to support you in your journey of transformation.

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