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Priestess and channel of light at the service of ascension

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Creator of the "Stellar Pilgrim" project, intuitive channeler, Lithium Diamond Priestess with high-frequency Atlantean crystals, mastery in Akashic Records with Light Codes. Initiated in Egyptian wisdom and Lemurian and cosmic quantum healing techniques "Sammat", "Atye - sacred connection for starseeds", "Sahe Level I, II and III". Communicator and journalist.

I do private self-knowledge and healing retreats, meditative circles and quantum therapy certifications for self-healing. My service is aimed at combining ancient wisdom, metaphysics and science to be a channel for high frequency energies of ascended masters and brothers of light from other galaxies.

I worked for more than 12 years in the areas of society, politics and economy of different national media and government institutions. After a deep process of self-knowledge of the light and shadows of my soul, I began the path of self-healing through meditative practices, sounds and movements.

I traveled to the jungle of Ucayali (Atalaya) to explore ancestral medicine and nourish myself with the wisdom of grandmother Ayahuasca. I was guided by the spirit of the Mother of the Toé to open my connection channels and resume my relationship with ascended beings and cosmic brothers of light. My process accelerated with the arrival of Lemurian, Venusian, Sirian, Arcturian and angelic realm technologies. I am currently training in the diamond priesthood of Litios with Atlantean technologies that are at the service of planetary ascension and the karmic liberation of individual and collective souls.

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