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Psychologist by profession. My approach is relational systemic (better known as family therapy). My help consists of providing greater and clearer awareness of your intrapersonal relationship, internal dialogue and your interpersonal relationships. In this way, you can feel that you engage in a healthy way with yourself and your environment.

I also have studies in the alternative current of rapid transformational therapy. Approach that allows us to access certain dialogue guidelines that determine us in our behaviors. Think and do.

Training: clinical psychologist (University of Lima) and educational relational systemic therapist (Center for family and couples therapy "REDES"). Diploma in therapy with children and adolescents from the Redes center. Potential hypnotherapist by the RTT (rapid transformational therapy) center, organized by Marisa Peer.

Systemic therapies integrate a series of psychodrama tools, structural therapy and involve communication theories that allow giving another perspective on relationships to the people who apply it. ​

On the other hand, rapid transformational hypnktherapy allows the individual to give his life another turn, through the conscious changes of our internal dialo

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