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Musician, Researcher of sound and its therapeutic uses, Luthier specialized in harmonic instruments.

Music producer and sound technician. EMBA (music school of Buenos Aires) He studied the basic cycle of musical studies at the Juan José Castro Conservatory, Buenos Aires.

During the last 10 years he has dedicated himself to exploring other uses of sound, leaving aside aesthetic criteria to set the intention on self-knowledge, healing and the expansion of consciousness. It carries out interdisciplinary research where scientific, traditional/ancestral, empirical and therapeutic criteria are combined to reach a greater understanding of sound, the different ways in which it affects us and its therapeutic possibilities.

Through the use of instruments such as gongs, Tibetan and quartz bowls, didgeridoo, handpan, harmonium and voice among others, he carries out sound sessions where a deep state of meditation and relaxation can be reached that allows us to access numerous benefits through physical, mental and emotional level.

In his workshop/laboratory he manufactures many of the instruments he uses: gongs, didgeridoo, oceanic and harmonic drums, wind chimes, among others, creating new instruments that respond to specific needs for use in sound therapy. He also develops experiments in the field of cymatics that allow us to visualize the vibration of sound, providing us with new information and greater awareness of the importance of sound in our lives.

Since his arrival in the Sacred Valley of the Inkas (Cusco, Peru, 2016) he has musically collaborated with great exponents of Medicine Music such as Alonso del Rio and Tito la Rosa, allowing him to establish a deep connection with the sounds of this land that has become turned into your home.

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