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Kambo is a powerful frog venom that comes from the frog in the Amazon, it's been used as a medicine by the tribes of Brazil and Peru. It works deeply with the immune system, making it stronger, more resilient, potentially helps with auto-immune deceases and allergies, balances the nervous system, can help with mental issues like anxieties, depression, addictions, offers a general deep cleansing of the stomach, digestive system, intestines.


I have learned to work with Kambo in the Peruvian Amazon 3,5 years ago, in the tradition of the Matsés tribe and since then I've been sharing the medicine in Mexico, Israel and Peru.

Kambo has been an incredible healer for me personally with a few physical and psychological issues, so I'm eternally grateful and humbled to be able to share this beautiful gift of nature with other people.

The medicine i carry comes from the responsible source, directly from a Matsés man that i know personally and have seen the way he works getting the Kambo in a responsible and a respectful to the frogs way.

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